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Go dep in Docker

Go’s dependency handling has been an area which has been needing unification, over the years. Multiple package managers have been created. The Go community has been working on creating a dependency manager recently, which they plan on getting added to the official toolchain. I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon and start using this tool. Here’s how I’ve been using it in docker. ... Read more

RabbitMQ One consumer blocking others

I’ve been working on a distributed application that requires multiple workers to process items from a queue. I decided to use RabbitMQ as the queue. However I noticed that there was a 10 minute pause or whenever the consumer started up. After looking into it further I noticed that it appeared that only one consumer could run at any given time. ... Read more

Increase docker device size on Ubuntu

So I’ve got an application that I’m running via and Docker. That requires a certain amount of disk space and would run out of space very quickly with the default 10G limit that Docker comes with. ... Read more

Are you a good developer

In development we constantly bemoan bad developers. But what I’ve noticed is everyone generally thinks they’re doing a good job and the other developers are bad. I don’t think you can exactly define what is a good developer down to a tee but I think you can have rough benchmarks for whether or not you’re good. These generally are if you follow well defined practices. There are levels of development practices ranging from the basics (DRY) to advance (CQRS). ... Read more

What I learned with a big database

So I recently started a new side project that involves data mining. While working on this project I’ve learned a little bit about how to manage a larger than usual database. At the point of writing this the database is approximately 50GB and growing daily. So here are a few things I’ve learned. Backups This is probably the main area where I learned a bunch of stuff. Usually when you’re dealing with a database of approximately 1GB in size, backups at midnight are rather routine. ... Read more