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Revel : How to use Drone.io for testing

Being a lover of testing, continuous intergration, and cloud services. I wanted to be able to get a build of status of a Revel framework app I’m working on. Since Revel uses it’s own command to run and build applications the standard way of doing a build for Golang are out. I wanted to use Drone.io instead of travis so if I wanted to make it private I could without paying a lot. ... Read more

Revel : Force template format

So in Revel you can have your template in several different formats: html, json, xml, or txt. This is super awesome. As it allows you to send the same data and display different formats - Obivously. It also determines what template to use based on the http request headers that have been sent. So if your request sends that it accepts application/xml it’ll use xml and if you request says application/json it uses json. ... Read more

Why Revel?

So lately I’ve been working on a project to increase productivity when dealing with Bitbucket and Jenkins. As I am a web developer, it’s a web app. So one of the first questions when building an application these days seems to be what framework? This for me has taken a month to really decide. In the end I choose Revel. At first At first I decided to use Gorilla Web Toolkit. ... Read more

Social Engineering defence

So a while back I read a blog post by ChunkHost about a “Huge security hole in Sendgrid”. And instantly I thought why isn’t there a protection against something which is so obviously dodgy. After a few seconds I thought of an easy protection against such an attack, I’ve now found time to write about it so here it is. #The attack The attack was simple, someone phoned up Sendgrid’s customer support and talked them into changing the email for the ChunkHost account from support@chunkhost. ... Read more

xvfb-run and wkhtmltopdf won't run in Jenkins/Apache

I recently came across a rather unsual error with our testing suite while running on Jenkins. The test would pass on our development environment, not exactly odd in itself. Sadly they aren’t exact copies, patch level out and what not. However the test would pass on the Jenkins server if ran via command line. So it wasn’t that a minor release had a bug fix that was causing the issue. Since after all my googling on the subject turned up nothing I thought I would write up how I found out what it was and what the cause and solution was. ... Read more