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The git-flow branch model is waterfall?

For those not in the know, git-flow is technically a tool for git which allows for the easy use of a specific branch model. Which is most commonly referred to as git-flow. This blog post isn’t about that tool which is super useful. But is about the branch model. Which is also super useful in my opinion if you’re implementing the waterfall development process. Disclaimer: This isn’t meant to be a criticism of either the branching model or the waterfall process. ... Read more

100 days of github

So I’ve decided to I need to get back to programming more things in my spare time. One way to kinda force this on myself is to attempt to do 100 days of github contributions. My first aim is to write an actual project to do something I need. Currently one of the things I need is something to give me better overview of the status of builds on Jenkins. Currently I just know if the builds are passing or failing. ... Read more